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School Registration

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School registrations close at midnight on Friday 8 July 2022.
Registration is free and takes less than one minute to complete.
There is no minimum number of students required for registration.


Age Requirements

The Challenge is open to South Australian students across all year levels. The website includes optional lesson notes and a resource pack adaptable for years F-10.


What is the Challenge?

Students are challenged to design a toy or gadget for a child their age who is moving to Mars. They are asked to do this using the process of design thinking.

The Space to Dream Challenge materials include a video about an authentic experience of space travel presented by former NASA astronaut Pamela Melroy.

Students are invited to create their design using the free 3D design tools provided by Makers Empire, or simply hand-draw their design.


Key Dates

The Space to Dream Challenge runs from the start of Term 1 (Tuesday 31 January 2022) to the end of Term 3 (Friday 30 September 2022).

Registered schools can complete the Challenge at any time within this time frame.


Time Commitment

There is total flexibility regarding the length of time students spend completing the Space to Dream Challenge.

The Challenge can take as little as one or two lessons, or depending on the depth in which you wish to go, could be run over several lessons, or even across multiple terms. The materials provided via the Space to Dream website can be adapted to suit the preferences of each classroom/teacher.


Before you start

Print and distribute a blank ‘Make It!’ Student Design Record to every student in your classroom taking part.

Decide if your students will create their designs on a computer using the free 3D design tools provided by Makers Empire (no 3D printing equipment required), or if they will simply hand-draw their designs onto the ‘MAKE IT!’ Student Design Record.

Your students can work on their designs as individuals / pairs / groups – whatever works best for your classroom.


Take the challenge

It’s up to you how you present the Challenge to your students. You can simply choose to:

Run your class through the 5 steps of the design thinking process using the website


Use the free downloadable Space to Dream Resource Pack for Teachers. This pack includes a detailed curriculum aligned lesson plan for Years F-10, rubrics and curriculum links, PowerPoint presentation and a variety of integrated activity sheets.

(TIP: The Space to Dream Resource Pack for Teachers can be a handy option to leave with Relief Teachers.)

You’ll find everything you need to run the Space to Dream Challenge here.



Once your students have completed the design thinking challenge, your school is invited to submit up to three of the best student designs created. The Commissioner suggests a peer vote can be a great way to determine which designs will represent your school. However, your school has complete freedom as to how this selection is made.

The Commissioner will select the top design submitted by a school using the following criteria:

(1)  Is it a good design?
(2) Did it make me feel something? (This could be anything from a ‘wow’ to a ‘whoa’, to a smile.)

Submitted designs will be in the running to win a 3D printer for their school donated by Space to Dream partners, Makers Empire, and will be considered for inclusion in the Space to Dream public exhibition.



In late 2022, the best Space to Dream designs submitted by students from schools across SA, will be brought to life in the Space to Dream public exhibition at the Australian Space Discovery Centre at Lot Fourteen, North Terrace, Adelaide. The exhibition will then travel to participating libraries around the State.

A number of designs will also be featured in the Commissioner’s Virtual Gallery on the Space to Dream website.

The school in South Australia submitting the overall top-rated design will receive a 3D printer donated by Challenge partners, Makers Empire.


Challenge Completion Form

To enter your school’s top three designs and have them considered for the main prize, and for possible inclusion in the public exhibition, School Challenge Coordinators are required to submit their school’s Challenge Completion Form by midnight on Friday 30 September 2022, including a tally of the number of students who took part.



After submitting the Challenge Completion Form, School Challenge Coordinators receive a certificate template to enable certificates for all students who took part to be created and presented by your school.

Acknowledgement of Country

We respectfully acknowledge and celebrate the Traditional Owners of the lands throughout South Australia and we pay our respects to their Elders – and to past, present and future generations of their children and young people.

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