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Congratulations to the 2022 top rated designs!


So many children and young people came up with fantastically creative and cool designs that it was difficult for the Commissioner to select her favourites for the Space to Dream exhibition.

The Commissioner would like to thank and congratulate every school that took part in her Challenge and sent in a completion form.


Children and young people were challenged to design a toy or gadget for someone their age who is ‘moving to Mars’ using a design-thinking process.

Below are the Commissioner’s top-rated 3D and 2D designs for 2022.  They will all feature in the Commissioner’s Space to Dream Travelling Exhibition which opens at the Australian Space Discovery Centre in December and then travels to local libraries around South Australia in 2023. 

Congratulations Bellevue Heights Primary School

Caley from Year 4 has won a 3D printer for their school for the Robot Pet donated by Challenge partners – Makers Empire

Robot Pet

It comforts people who like pets and gives them a way to communicate with people back on Earth. It can also heat itself to warm people up.

By Caley, Year 4, Bellevue Heights Primary School

The Jokemeter 2000

The Jokemeter 2000 does these things: When you are sad or scared, it tells you jokes. It also tells you if there’s something dangerous coming.

By Henry, Year 3, Bellevue Heights Primary School

The Ball

My design is a ball that is very useful and also has a lot of entertaining things. The camera is used for taking photos to make memories. The airtube is for oxygen for if you run out. The basketball, uno cards and iPad is to keep you entertained when you are bored.

By Airlie, Grange Primary School


It is a robot cat with a camera in its belly and a fridge in the back. Its shaped like a cat because they are very curious and love to explore. SkaterCat uses a remote control to move around. There’s a button on the top of the camera so you can use it like you would a normal camera or use the remote control if you want to explore somewhere you can’t get to in the far reaches of Mars. It makes a great travelling companion as you can keep stuff safe in his head and he’s very soft and squishy for hugs when you are getting anxious as the outer layer is made from the same material as squish mallows.

By Belle, Year 4, Glenelg Primary

Rocket 3000

It is a toy rocket that is controlled by a remote and flies up wherever you control it to go. It charges by connecting to solar panels. The remote control takes into account the different level of gravity on Mars.

By George, Year 3/4, Vale Park Primary School

Crimson Lake Fishing Rod

It is a fishing rod to fish for Mars colony farmed fish. It is specially designed to 3D print in space and all you need is the fishing line and to have farmed the fish in a Mars fisheries pod pool.

By Tommy, Year 6, St Michael’s College

The Robo-Doggy 1.0

My Robo-Doggy 1.0 is able to work without an environmental footprint and is a perfect companion to take to Mars. It has super night vision in it’s eyes and will stay steady on the rocky and sandy surface with it’s points at the bottom of it’s feet. It understands every language, but doesn’t speak to you. The Robo-Doggy 1.0 warms up if you are cuddling it. It acts exactly like a normal dog, but without all the hard work!

By Zara, Year 4, Westbourne Park Primary School

Space Dog

It flies. It has a fire jetpack on tail and feet. It has a camera and video to talk to family and friends and to take lots of photos of Mars. It has a leash to walk the dog. It has a toast machine for when I get hungry.

By Frankie, Year 1, Warooka Primary School

The Widget

The twelve sided 3D shape has been created and designed for the children of all ages. On it. it has many fidgets and devices to calm you. These include an adjustable light, fan and many other fidgets.

By Abigail, Year 6, Trinity College South

The Incredible MOGO Stick

Just like a pogo stick but for space. The wire latches on a rock so you can jump as high as you want and you don’t float away.

By Avani, Year 5, Renmark Primary School

Mega 3000

Mega 3000, Mega for short, is a robot that is made from aluminium. Mega can talk, walk, hold stuff, move and much more. He’s like a human. He is small, lightweight and can outstand the cold. He can speak and move his arms and body. He can walk and understand what you are saying. There are buttons for him to move certain things freely and just be a little bit more free.

By Maddalyn, Year 5, Balaklava Primary School

Robot Dog

A companion dog that has the following features:
– A TV that comes out of its stomach to watch
– A rocket to move the dog
– A code system to allow the dog to speak

By Maya, Year 3, Eden Hills Primary School

Special Pen

The Special Pen has lots of different gadgets and special effects for drawing in space. The pen has a little screen to select what sort of pen, pencil or texta you want. It also has a setting to choose what sort of brush style you want. It has a mini oven and fridge and heaps more things you’ll love.

By Maggie, Year 4, Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

Scented Calming Air Freshener

This is a machine that uses liquid air as a fuel. It is an air freshener. You can change the filters to get different scents.

By Ethan, Year 6, Hawthorndene Primary School

VR Hover Car

Virtual Hover Car made from titanium.

By a Group of Students, Sheidow Park Primary

Lollie Mix

It’s a lollie that shrinks and grows to whatever size you want. It’s as light as a grain of sand. You change whatever lollie EVER!!!

By Hugo, Year 4, Coomandook Area School

Ella Teddy

There are 3 buttons. One plays your favourite song. One helps you communicate with your family and chat with them, and the last one makes the teddy come to life, and you can talk to it if you don’t have anyone to talk to! Ella is full of cuddles!

By Innayat, Year 4, Coomandook Area School

The Comfort Pumpkin

This design has useful and simple features, for example an emergency space suit drawer and on the other side a top for hydration. The leaves on top can be used storage and the cabinet at the bottom is for controls for thermal heating that gives warm hugs for company.

By Chloe, Year 6, All Saints Catholic Primary School




It is a small cute robotic rat that can keep people company and play games. All information written on design sheet.

By Julian, U11, Homeschool


It is a box that flips into a basketball with a string that attaches to your hand. As the ball flips the basketball hoop comes out with nail holes. There is nails and a hammer to nail the hoop into the group. There is a magnet inside the basketball.

By Lola, U11, Homeschool

Image of learn to speak robot

Come See the Top Rated Entries for 2022!


The exhibition will be travelling to the following
Adelaide metropolitan and regional locations throughout 2022 and 2023:

Group A
Space Discovery Centre
- 1st December to 20th January
Campbelltown Library - February to end of March
Hutt Street Library - April to end of May
Goodwood Library (City of Unley) - June to end of July
Mitcham Memorial Library - August to end of September

Group B
Woodcroft Community Centre
- December to end of January
Noarlunga Library - February to end of March
Holdfast Bay Library Service - April to end of May
Charles Sturt Library Service (Incl. Westlakes) - June to end of July
Mt Barker Community Library - August to end of September

Group C
Kangaroo Island Council Library
- December to end of January
Murray Bridge Library - February to end of April
Karoonda School Community Library - May to end of June
Barmera Library - July to end of September

Group D
Whyalla Public Library
- December to end of January
Hawker School Community Library - February to end of March
Peterborough School & Community Library - April to end of May
Port Broughton Area School - June to end of July
Moonta Community Library (Moonta Area School) - August to end of September

(Please note: Dates above are a guide only. Check with the venue direct for exact dates and library opening times.)


February and March 2021:  Adelaide City Library - City of Adelaide
January 2021: Hutt Street Library - City of Adelaide
November 2020:  MOD’s Museum of Discovery

A big congratulations to every school in South Australia that took the Commissioner’s
Space to Dream  Challenge in 2022!

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