Winning Schools in 2021

As in previous years there were many schools across South Australia that submitted wonderful testimonials
about their experience completing the Challenge, making it extremely difficult for the Commissioner to choose this year’s winners. 

The Commissioner thanks and congratulates every school that took part and sent in their completion form.


What was the judging criteria?

Schools were invited to submit a testimonial from a student about the benefit(s) they experienced by taking part in the Learn to Speak Robot and Zoom Out Challenges. The most creative and/or compelling and/or authentic and/or insightful groups of answers were ranked highest.
Extra points were awarded to Schools that completed both Learn to Speak Robot and Zoom Out. 

Congratulations Challa Gardens Primary School!

Challa Gardens Primary School has won Coding in Minecraft for their entire school,
donated to the Commissioner’s Digital Challenge by award-winning global EdTech provider,
Prodigy Learning.
Coding in Minecraft is a computer science credentialled program with supporting curriculum, delivered through Minecraft: Education Edition. The program engages young and diverse learners through
game-based learning in an immersive computer science and coding curriculum
and rewards their learning with credentials.





 Whitefriars Catholic School and Crystal Brook Primary School have each won their choice of:
– A double-pack of VEX IQ Super Kits (Grades 5-9) or
– Small Classroom Set of VEX GO with 5 Robots (Grades 3-5) or
– Small Classroom Set of VEX 123 with 6 Robots (Grades K-2) or
– One VEX V5 Classroom Super Kit (Grades 9-12)

VEX IQ Super Kits donated by VEX Robotics include a double lesson incursion (1.5 hours) for teachers and students provided by Building Bots! 


In the classroom we learnt how to code through I enjoyed the challenge that came with each program. In Science we learnt how to use Scratch. We coded the bee to pollinate the purple flower.

Crystal Brook primary R-7 SCHOOL

We had to get the coding correct to arrive at the destination. We do lots of tricky computer coding but these were fun activities we could do with friends and work as a team.


Renmark Primary School has won a brand new school website or update donated and developed by local education website developers, EWS Education Web Solutions.

Renmark Primary SCHOOL

The Bee-Bot App on the iPad was fun because if it’s too easy you can switch it to another level.
Coding the Bee-Bots was fun. My robot kept following me!


Cleve Area School, Forbes Primary School, Highgate School, Port Lincoln Primary Schools,
Reynella Primary Schools and Salisbury North R-7 School
have each won a class pack of
‘all-access’ annual GROK Academy subscriptions donated by GROK Academy

Cleve Area SCHOOL

Our life depends on systems. Lots of little systems make up a bigger system. Systems help us to stay alive, do things quicker, more efficiently and better.

Forbes Primary SCHOOL

I really liked learning about systems, like the solar system and our food being made.

Highgate SCHOOL

I loved Dance Party. I have been using loops and events so, when a player presses arrows the characters make moves and turns. I absolutely loved the music. I used it at the background. I found the characters and moves very cool. I was struggling to stop coding. I kept asking my teacher for a new challenge. The link will take you to my Dance Party. I hope you will enjoy it.

Port lincoln primary school

I enjoyed being creative and learning 90 degrees and repeating stuff

Reynella primary school

Coding is giving something instructions. You need to give it the right instructions because it won’t work, and the monkey won’t get the banana and make it to the treasure chest. You can tell it move forward and backwards and jump.

Salisbury North R-7 School

I started coding as I have always enjoyed challenging myself and I found that coding challenged me, as it very different in many ways. At first it was difficult but the more I completed coding challenges the easier it got and before I knew it, I had a greater love for coding and my understanding of coding improved immensely.



Marion Primary School, Nangarry Primary School, Sheidow Park School and St Brigid’s Catholic School have each won a data pack including 4MB USB and Powerbank donated by the
Advanced Technology Project

Marion primary school

Taking part in python coding opened my eyes to a new outlet for learning and creativity. It was fascinating how the codes I was typing came to life, the more detail I used in my code the more amazing the outcome. I learned that having the correct spelling was very important, if you have one command spelt wrong, the whole code won’t work. You also need to define a function or a command, if it is not defined, the code won’t work at all. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I have continued my learning at home. I am very thankful for this program and that my school took part again.

Nangwarry primary school

I enjoyed how there were different tasks to do in all the different challenges. I found hardest when you got to the last two stages is they got harder each task. Some would take a long time to do one and others were easier.

Sheidow Park school

Zoom Out: When you have a system where everyone only helps themself it leads to chaos and slows down the entire group. A better system is where you help other people and they can also help you.

Learn To Speak Robot: We did encounter quite a few bugs along the way. We overcame these by watching tutorials on how to fix them on YouTube and on scratch. It was fun and made us stretch our thinking.

St Brigid’s Catholic school

What a great thing to be part of, I learnt lots of new things.

And a very big congratulations to every school in South Australia that took the Challenge in 2021!

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