Zoom Out is a new curriculum-aligned systems thinking challenge created in collaboration with GROK Academy. There are 3 activities to choose from. SYSTEMS ARE EVERYWHERE is a step-by-step online activity, CREATE A SYSTEM is an interactive group activity that uses balloons or other bits and pieces and MAKE A KINDER SYSTEM is an interactive group activity that uses marbles or similar items that can be used as ‘prizes’.

Space to Dream is a Mars-themed design thinking challenge with authentic voice from former NASA astronaut, Pamela Melroy. Free 3D design tools for every child from Makers Empire – no special equipment required. Unplugged (paper) option for those with limited digital access. The top-rated designs will be publicly exhibited.

Learn to Speak Robot is a computational thinking challenge with hundreds of step-by-step activities to choose from. Any four activities = challenge complete!

Digital Rewards * Please note, whilst only schools based in South Australia are eligible for the digital rewards on offer, registered schools taking part outside of South Australia will still receive the Certificate of Achievement template for their students who complete the Challenge. Refer to full terms and conditions.

The Challenge is free and accessible to encourage participation by children and young people.

The Challenge can be completed by children at registered schools, the library, at local community groups such as Scouts and Girl Guides or at home with family.