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I would like to register my school for free in the Commissioner’s Digital Challenge for 2020.

Homeschool groups can be based on formal pre-existing arrangements or informally put together for the purposes of the Challenge and given any name you like, but each group requires 10 or more students.
(if your school’s Challenge Coordinator is not available)

Space to Dream is a free design thinking challenge challenge for children in South Australia.

3D design tools for every child from Makers Empire.

Unplugged option for those with limited digital access.

The Challenge can be completed by children at registered schools, the library, at local community groups such as Scouts and Girl Guides or at home with family.

Stay tuned for more details and visit us again when the Challenge opens in 2020.

While waiting for the Commissioner’s Space to Dream Digital Thinking Challenge to go live, get ahead on your digital learning journey by trying out the cool free coding and computational thinking resources at the Commissioner’s Learn to speak Robot Digital Thinking Challenge here.