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Another year of incredible entries into the Commissioner’s Design Thinking Challenge! The Commissioner was very impressed with the creativity and innovation shown by all students who completed her design thinking challenge.

Below are the top-rated 3D and 2D designs for 2023. They will feature in the Space to Dream Travelling Exhibition which will be on display at the Australian Space Discovery Centre throughout December 2023 and January 2024 and travelling to local libraries around South Australia in 2024.

Ardun in Year 6 has won the 3D printer for their school for Soccer Dome

Congratulations to Yahl Primary School!
Winner of the 3D Printer donated by Makers Empire

Congratulations to all of the Top Rated
design thinking entries for 2023!

Soccer Dome

The soccer dome makes its own gravity so a child on Mars can practice their soccer skills and keep fit.

By Ardun, Year 6, Yahl Primary School

Turtle Design

Turtle Design that has multiple components including an umbrella that protects you from acid rain, the head has an oxygen mask to help breathe, it has drills and anchors to keep you attached to the ground and it has a hammer to help you break through rocks.

By William, Melaleuca Park Primary School


This is called RO-BO KITTY. It helps you to survive in space. RO-BO KITTY makes food for you when you press the green button. When you press the yellow button it lights up and helps you to see in the dark. The red button is how it shuts down. Food is important for all humans living on Mars so RO-BO KITTY can help kids to eat nutritious food in space.

By Preya, Vale Park Primary School

Jewellery Making Tool

My Mars gadget is a jewellery making tool to make bracelets. It is designed for a 9 year old girl that loves to make jewellery. It has a table to make bracelets and it has a tv remote for the tv. I put drawers on it to put beads in and it has tools and a speaker. It has a picture frame for your family photo and lastly it has a laptop to keep you busy on the 6 month trip.

By Ava, Moonta Area School

Entertain Box

A tablet with games and stuff. On the back is somewhere you can store stuff. It has food, drinks, toys, work stuff, charging and family pictures.

By Isabel, Year 4, Banksia Park Primary School

Video Hugger

A fluffy toy that plays videos and memories. Speakers in the ears play videos and play favourite music. Microphone to make videos, fluffy skin and bendy arms to give affection. Feet so it can walk and stand, a face to show love and make you happy. It changes colour so no matter what your favourite colours, it can be it.

By Audrey, Year 4, Westport Primary School

Auto Gravity Boot 2000

It sucks you to the ground in space

By Connor, Year 2, Lock Area School

Robot Monkey 1.1

It can defy gravity and it can talk to you so you won’t get lonely. You can ask it questions and it blinks. It can walk and it can swing on things in the space craft. It tells you the weather and it will tell you lots of jokes to cheer you up.

By Georgie, Mount Barker Primary School

The Marshroom

Our design is called the Marshroom because it is going to Mars. It works by going up to one and claiming the pod by putting your name on it and then opening the door to then sit in the chair and start your relaxing experience. The reason it is a perfect toy for someone my age who is going to Mars because it is calming for you if you have had a rough day and its perfect for you if you’re bored and want to read some of your favourite books. You can listen to your favourite songs too, so it’ll distract you from anything that you are worried about. It also has a window in the roof so you can see the blue sunset setting. In conclusion it is a perfect distraction from the worries and doubts, so you’ll feel at home, and you won’t need to worry about a thing.

By Kiara and Ella, Year 6, All Saints Catholic Primary School

Robotic Drone

Its a drone that gets food for the astronauts. It has a crane on the drone, and it has a food delivery platform with a camera and a speaker.

By Eddie, Warooka Primary School


It is an all in one rover with a controller so you don’t have to leave the rocket. Also it has many cosmetics to use, it has a camera so you can see from the comfort of the space ship.

By Ethan, Year 5, Challa Gardens Primary School

The Mars Explorer

My project is called the Mars Explorer. There is a controller with the toy so it can control the explorer. It is powered by solar. There is a screen on the controller so you can see the surroundings on Mars. On my design there are claws attached to it, so when the child uses the Mars Explorer and finds something interesting on Mars (like a cool rock) they can make the claws on the Mars Explorer pick it up and store it in the box located under the toy. The controller is charged by a special charger at the back of the screen on the controller. On the back of the actual toy also has something like the special charger on the controller and you can connect it together, and the controller will charge from the Mars Explorer. This toy is for ages 10+.

By Katie, Vale Park Primary School

The Scar Scriner

The Scar Scriner gets people out of trouble by transforming into a rocket. It is powered by solar panels

By Seb, Kangaroo Island Community Education

SpaceFly Motorbike

It is very light so you dont have to pay lots to send it to space. To re-fill the fuel tank you can suck up space rocks. The oxygen tank has lots of oxygen in it. It should last 15 years!!

By Ella, Lock Area School

Robot Toy

I have a food plate and a food machine and photos and video machine. You can also play with me as a toy.

By Xavier, Year3, St Thomas School

Kat A.I

An A.I companion in a spaceship, it’s for any children that aboard Mars. It has a camera that can take photo of anything. It can fast charge.

By Una, Parkside Primary School

Rover Tracker

The tracker doubles as a squeezy stress toy of a “midi bot and a dog in a astronaut suit stress toy!!!” that also has a tracking device to help locate lost people and rovers on Mars.

By Max, St Michael’s College Primary

See Far

A video camera which uses artificial intelligence to work that is shaped like a pair
of glasses that you control with your eyes and nose. The camera can record what you are looking at.
A drop down screen can detect water and other features and tell you how far away they are.

By Matthew and Emily , Oakbank Area School

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